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Published on August 28th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Here’s Why Melhem Zein Is Lebanon’s Most Mature Pop Star @melhem_zein1

Melhem Zein is an artist because he has a talent and not because he wants to be a singer or seeks fame. The shy and nice old young man of Lebanese pop keeps it classy and does not try to be cool or force anything. He is a family man who hates the business but loves the art of it. This is why he is often doing things on the side for fun and putting his art, his message and his family ahead of everything. He is an Arab star who is aware of what happens around him (taking the salt challenge for Arab prisoners in Israel) Melhem has a unique talent that makes him sound like a grown up voice to do Tarab songs. He hates parties and social gathering and does not seem to enjoy doing interviews.

I like him because his appearance is often linked to his work as in his music is his job, not his lifestyle. Though he happens to live in Arabia’s party town, he seems not to worry about it, and just sing and then go home to play with the kids. He has always been this way since his fame on Super Star 15 years ago. He remains the same way, the good guy who does the right thing and you can rely on him. Melhe dies bit even pretend to be cool or into acting. He is releasing this music video because it’s a good idea. He is offering wisdom and life lessons for his fans. I like this authenticity about him.

Earlier this summer Melhem released his album and it was really cool to hear Melhem do the same thing over again, give great performances to new songs with new themes. Arabic music is blessed to have this talent that actually attracts young and old even those who are not hip or pop. The song is about hope after a tragic relationship. Life never ends after a breakup. So suffer for a day or two and get back to living and getting hurt again as the song’s title suggests the next hurt! Many around the Arab world paid real money to see Melhem perform his new and old songs in his concerts.

ملحم زين – كليب الجرح اللي بعدو | Melhem Zein – El Jereh Elli Baadou Music video

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