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Lebanese New Comer @marittahallani Lands In Egypt #KhayfaAnam

Maritta Hallani is proud of her dad, Asi Hallani and of his career. This is why she started singing a few years back and her dad and mom could not be any happier with their little girls doing music and coming to be her own star. Starting with English covers, Arabic ones and now comes a song of her own, an original song that will certainly help Maritta become a bigger name. To my surprise, the young Lebanese pop star released a song in Egyptian dialect, which comes as s smart move. One, it shows she has range and versatility to dabble into singing in a new dialect. Two, Egypt remains a big market for all things (90 million souls). Third, some folks do love and connect with that flexible accessible dialect.

So comes the music video filled with teen spirit, age appropriate that will connect with the young music listeners.  It’s a decent song about a young woman in love. I think we see that Maritta likes to act out, and she has a good natured sense of humor. This is a well-made music video that reveals the playful side of the young singer. The model plays well along with her, and the fashion choices are pretty refreshing.

This is a good move for a star who has made it huge on the social media, now that she has the attention of Egypt and with it Arabia, she is ready for prime time. I am pleased with this pop song as it keeps to that spirit and brings out that teen energy. Also, the team that worked on this song is among the best names in their professions.  Bahaa El Din Mohamed crafted the lyrics, and Toni Saba behind the control board in his studio and Mostafa Gad kept the song funky with his music.

Maritta Hallani – Khayfa Anam (Music Video) | ماريتا الحلاني – خايفة أنام

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