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Published on August 27th, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Moroccan Belmir Siblings Sour Again In #Goulou #Belmirs

The Belmir duo returns once again with a trending hit. The hip Morrocan stay focused on their career, social media and maintaining their hip status among their peers. Their specialty is making hits that travel from Morocco, all the way to Yemen, they released this single three weeks ago and it was a hit. For the music video, the duo booked a water park and a summer getaway and there was a music video.

The Casablanca siblings release frequent hits together and often they are among the top-sellers of among their peers, perhaps their sense of humor, innovation, and swag helps them maintain their appeal. So much youth energy and youthfulness. The Belmir keep their talent pool at home by working with local talents in lyrics, music, directions, and style. This is great sense Morco has so much fresh talent that we still have to meet.

Love the fact that the duo shot to fame when they released a cover for a popular song for Saad Lemjarad–another Moroccan. Aside from music, Omar has a degree in economics and Rajaa is doing an MBA. The duo is often touring the Khaleeji in concerns where they have millions of fans. As of right now, the sibling have the support of their family that believes in their career choices.

Rajaa & Omar Belmir – Goulou (EXCLUSIVE Music Video) | (رجاء و عمر بلمير – قولو (فيديو كليب حصري

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