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Published on August 19th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Rob Dollaz, The San Gabriel Valley Rapper Drops A New Record!

Rob Dollaz is at it again and back with a new record to bring out the party!

Born in 1983 in Los Angeles, CA to two Jordanian parents and having grown up in the San Gabriel Valley is also known as the “SGV” in the city of Azusa, Rob Dollaz knew he wanted to pursue a career in music and entertainment. Rob decided to work on his skills and with the help of his cousin, Ramzi learned how to write and record his first few songs. Rob learned how to write / record and rap at a very young age and has earned his place as one of the west best secrets behind the scenes. Now he is eyeing his own rise on to the charts with help from his cousin Joe “Smokin Joe” Kakish who is helping fund the dream. Rob is a unique artist unlike any other rapper from the USA as he represents and carries a culture yet to be seen or heard from or represented right and that has a huge earning potential with rich consumers who are in the millions in the USA and beyond.

Rob and his label have a goal of being the ambassadors of their Middle eastern culture who already have many key players in the industry but what makes Rob stand out is that he is not afraid to be different and die for what he believes in! Rob is here to become one of the best from the west to ever do it and while not blending in but rather standing out. His plans are to bridge the gap between the west and middle east and bring a fresh look and vibe to an industry lacking it. Rob is reading his debut project titled “Habibi Season” featuring Snoop Dogg, AD and more inviting the world into his Arab / American lifestyle. for more info, you can subscribe to his label site to stay updated and lit.

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