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Alleged Serial Rapist @saadlamjarred1 Wants To #LetGo‏

The trend setting Moroccan pop star from the city of Rabat Saad Lamjarred is BACK! He spent few months in a French prison on charges of rape and assault and he has just released two months ago on conditions that he won’t leave the country until his trial is over with.  Saad is still an innocent man until a court of law says otherwise, but the Moroccan sensation is trying to put it all behind him as he drops a surprise hit in his famed Moroccan dialect with some cool English vocals. And just now we see the music video by Saad.

No doubt Saad is a smart hit-maker who knows the pop game well both in Arabia and globally he is pretty well-versed as he sent some time in the US and Europe, working and learning.  This is a cool song from Saad who is working overtime to erase what happened last year from everyone’s memory. Once again, Saad is talking to his love interest and he is angry once again at this lady. Love his outfit choice and his moves, the guy works on himself and comes out with some new and impressionable tricks.  He even has some baby tigers.  Te guy knows how to make a hit and Arabia seems not to have enough to him. I think he is an asset to the Moroccan pop songs, he even dedicates the song to the king of Morocco.

I hope Saad is now ready to mature up and focus on making music and not making headlines with negative press. We know he has what it takes, in few hours, his song had more than 17 million views.
Saad Lamjarred – LET GO (EXCLUSIVE Music Video) | (فيديو كليب حصري) LET GO – سعد لمجرد

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