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Published on August 10th, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Sad New Syrian Song By Hussam Jineed #Ya_Tayr

Syrian vocalist and cool cat of pop Hossam Jneed just dropped a new single for Syria. His song takes a bird view of the land as it goes from one city to another. Since the civil war broke our five eyars ago and that magical and beautiful land has yet to see a good day as a nation.  There is so much, pain and sorrow here that I started to think this might be an Iraqi song. Since Syrian tracks tend to have happier tone. Not this one, Hoosam known for his party and dance songs is not feeling it as he remembers the old country and its various corners.

This is a dark song meant for those who want to cry for that magnificent country that was forever destroyed. The music does not feel new as Hossam breaks his sadder version of himself for this tragic tour of Syria. I bet Syrians around the world will cherish this song despite their political differences. Hoosam unites his people for the duration of his latest hit as he gives each of their major towns and citshout outoutout.

حسام جنيد – يا طير 2017 Hoosam Jneed – Ya Tayr

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