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The Time @sherine Was The Ultimate Romantic #Kolly_Melkak

Sherine is well known among Arabs that she can be hot-headed and a fiery person in a childish fashion. That’s why she makes the news often for many things about her career, her life and her friends and enemies. But before all of this drama stole the show from Sherine, the artist who has been entertaining Arabia while elevating the public taste. Here is a song by this Egyptian diva that shows her romantic shade that’s hard to mimic.

These emotions she musters are all her own and something that makes her so sweet and rightfully one of three female voices beloved by Arabia. The way she channels those hard to verbalize emotions is captivating, even when she is not signing, a look from her says much. So real this love that Sherine lives and acts out here. This is a track released on her album few years ago and rightfully Sherine made the right call and filmed as a music video.

The closeups and solo shots of Sherine are just amazing. She is so playful and so innocent. This should be one of her finer music videos and better stories she told. She has done other amazing work, other fun and loud songs that caught fire. But this one seems so different and so perfect for her voice and her emotions.  The music is also so amazing as it does its part in elevating the story and allowing the listener to experience the song by all their senses.

شيرين – كُلي ملكك (كليب) / Sherine – Kolly Melkak Video

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