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Published on September 30th, 2017 | by hotarabic


When The Phenomenal Meets The Breathtaking @NahwaOfficial @RindalaK

It does not happen often that a mega production house would pick up a young star and work with them on making great music that manages to feel new but also familiar. The trick is really not easy to do, but it seems to me for the past six years or so Nahwa has been able to formulate it and carve her own style of songs that are popular with the kids, youth, young, midlife and the old. Nahwa has been able to do this from Lebanon and by working under the Rotana label. Now on her second album, Nahwa is a name known (and celebrated) by many watchers of Arabic music.

I considered myself a fan form the first song, as Nahwa gave that Samira Tawfik vibe but made it right for the 21 century. Her looks complement her voice, and her talent but without that great head she has on her shoulder, Nahwa would be just another hungry young star looking for fame. And now few months after the release of her album, comes a music video and on the album, we see the young star experimenting with Khaleeji songs that do not feel forced and in my mind, it seems like a natural progression since her dialect of choice is the white dialect (simplified Fusha) which fits in just about any Arabic-speaking country. Best known as the Bedouin style of songs tend to be universally sought-after commodity and Nahwa is one of the few young artists who has met a lot of success reviving this art form.

Over the last week, I drove for close to 12 hours and along the ride was the songs of Nahwa and her festive tracks. Now,  comes a music video with many good-looking young people in a gypsy-like dance circle and Nahwa is singing her hear out in the middle of the desert all alone. The backstory and these outfits are just as impressive as the lovely track and the brilliant young artist who releases them.  The visionary Rindala Kodeih captured a love story that w have seen many times before, but somehow, she kept it interesting. No wonder, this song that really pushes Nahwa’s name into new frontier.

Nahwa … Ya Kebraha – Video Clip | نهوى … يا كبرها – فيديو كليب

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