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Published on September 18th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Singer Amina Catcalls All Men And It Feels Really Uncomfortable #WadYaMoz

Amina hears men harass her all the time on the same streets she walks every day and during the concerts she headlines, men often call her names and use suggestive language around her. The same fan base of hers you can imagine them catcalling every pretty lady that they spot. Amina when she started in Egypt years ago, she was singing in block parties and weddings before she made it big–thanks to so many movies made popular by the man on the street.

This time though, Amina, the Egyptian pop star is talking the catcalls back and owning it as she uses the same language and trashy words, men use to call women. I must admit it feels uncomfortable really fast. I always tried to call these sexist songs by men as much as I could, this one would also piss me off if a man did it about a woman. For Amina, I think its uneasy, hearing a lady lowering herself to that level of the street. I do not fault her though, she wants to be provocative and grab attention. She does it here. One more thing, an actually woman wrote these lyrics, Malak Adel did. So this song is by women for all.

Amina sounds like we have come to expect from her,bold and fresh as she is getting fresh her with her man. Maybe she is scolding men to see if they would like it if a woman were to use their language on them.

Wad Ya Moz – Amina واد يا مز – أمينة

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