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And The Lovable Yasmina Hits The Ground Running #Hanalo @YasminaElwany #حناله

Yasmina was a young girl from Egypt that appeared and competed on Arabs Got Talented more than two years ago and she sounded then like a clone of the beloved and celebrated Egyptian legend of Um Kulthom. It was like she is doing a great job mimicking that great diva and that’s why she confused a lot of people in a great way and Yasmina went on and finished the show. then came her media circles and interviews and then the contract to sing. Now we get to see how Yasmina sounds on her own with original material.

She opted with a dark romantic song that;s meant for moping people, very slow but filled with emotions. The violin builds up the emotional earthquake unleashed by Yasmina, it starts dark and then turns into sweet. Yasmina is stepping into becoming a star of her own and creating the right vibe around her. The music video has modern dancers filling in when Yasmina is not singing and also these classical musical instruments does help the mode. A song about a loyal love that Yasmina is celebrating here. She is on path to become a young diva admired even by the older music fans, she is catering to them here or perhaps her team is made up of seasoned musicians.

Decades ago we met a young lady like her who did some find songs, that lady grew up to be Egypt’s leading lady in music. Now it’s Yasmina’s turn to shine and show us some of jher finest performances. God knows, she has the voice, now all in the marketing and couple of good choices.

ياسمينا العلواني – حناله | Yasmina – Hanalo

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