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Published on October 2nd, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Unreasonable (And False) Attacks On The Brilliant @Faiayounan Will Faill @RihanYou

Syrian Arab singer Faia Younan stands accused of being less than kind to one fan who stormed the stage during a concert of hers in Damascus to ask for a selfie. The young artist in a playful manner crossed her arms and teased the young fan that she won’t be taking him a photo with him. In an instant, a security person comes and grabs the young man and takes him off the stage. Then the young and gifted vocalist tells the audience that all of them would come to the stage and ask for a selfie.

You can look at this the way you like, the press ran with this and made it into a big story and accused Faia of being less than gracious with the fans. I was surprised just like anybody else of this mess. Faia seems like a nice person and seems like that person with such lovely voice that moves people and gets them to feel things. That warm and silk-like voice combined with the music she works would is what one imagines heavens like. I guess this is a teachable moment for the young artist who was just having fun and being herself only to be subjected to character assassination. So instead of talking about her homecoming concert and the thousands of fans who showed up, Faia has to defend herself now and explain what transpired.

She has already owned up to her error in judgment by choosing the wrong words, but she no vile person they are trying to make her out to be. She is not that arrogant soul her critics accuse her of being. She is not that mean person the press is making her into. She is a believer, a pan Arab singer who has the voice of an angel and the soul of a little child. The public lynching of the most exciting and intellect vocalist in the Arab land has to stop. She could live her life comfortably in Europe where it has been her home, but Faiya decides not to give up on Arabia and despite all the ugliness, war and conflicts, she dreams with the people for that day we all long to–live in peace. Really, in this crazy world of ours, this is the big news? They leave all the bad people in the world and they pick on Faia!

I think this is the kind of attitude that is poisoning the while middle East, one people not thinking for themselves, and two not knowing the facts and pretending to know what’s in one’s heart. I repeat, Faia has a rare kind of talent and she is new to this fame thing and she has spent a considerable amount of time in the West where people love life and are unafraid to have fun. I am afraid these attacks on Ms. Younan has a political aspect to them with little regard to the fact that is what a great concert in a city that wants to remember the good old days after years of a bitter civil war. So, look in the mirror and you will see the kind of soul you accuse other people of having. If not that, then one must not ignore the sexist nature of these charges against an outspoken young female artist whose heart in the right place. Faia won’t be bullied as her music is just the mental break we need.

فايا يونان توضح ما جرى في حفل دمشق – فن الخبر

موطني، فايا يونان Mawtini, Faia Younan

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