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Published on October 8th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Hady Khalil Is Back And We Have @emusicismylife To Thank

He was never the A-list name in Arabic pop for the masses, but rather he was the number one artist for his fans and his name is Hady Khalil, a name that helps explain about this very private and quiet singer from the beautiful land of Syria where he used to sing with his younger brother Shady. Hady is celebrating the release of new music video for him and he is showing a little bit from himself than we have seen in years past.

Hady is your is that well-dressed cool friend of yours that you feel you were  never too close to. But this once Hady is looking dapper and ready to party and fire up yours. Dance to this passionate hit song from a guy whose voice is what makes him great and whose looks is what keeps him in the game.  This is an interesting music video with acting and a bit of live shots from a concert for Hady.  Joseph Jehas is the name behind the music as seems to have the thickest resume here.

Hady Khalil – Men Doun Khebz [Official Music Video] (2017) / هادي خليل – من دون خبز

Directed By: Samy Azoury
Lyrics By: Maroun Rouhana
Composed By: Joseph Jeha
Arranged By: Bassem Rizk
Mix & Mastering By: Roger Abi Akl

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