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Published on October 13th, 2017 | by hotarabic


Nobody Outsings @hibatawaji Live On Stage! Period.

The Lebanese theater stage diva Hiba is really keeping the hits coming. Not only did she release a best-selling double album a few months ago, but she is dominating the music festival season at her home in Lebanon and when she is not doing that theater has her booked. What more, she is now working on her first album in French. Why not when she took part of that country’s The Voice and blew the judges’ collective minds. She is meant to be shared with the world from Lebanon to the world with love, this is the gift of Hiba’s.

Below find two clips from two different live performances by the breathtaking Hiba when she is pure and promoting love and the other one that shows her crazy vocal side. When I watched these performances, I kept telling myself that she has range, then wow she keeps pushing the envelope and sharing with the world even a more stunning performance. She is that kind of an impressive live singer who never lets you down and for the past five years or so, she has always done something fresh and challenging. No one can outsing this lady in Lebanon, Arabia. in my mind, Broadway got nothing on her. I wish to see her bring one of her shows with the Rahabni household to an American city. I know its’ expensive, but I know the risk is worth it to see this lovely vocalist sing her lungs out with such rage!  I cannot name somebody who can bring that much energy, swag, and show of force.

There’s a lot going on her dazzling appearance on the sincere and entirely enjoyable new musical Al Mahabba. Because the cast is amazing and elevates a lot of the leaden moments of the script. They add so much to the show and allow Hiba to shine and do her thing. The show is maniacally entertaining number also interpolates snatches of songs from the wonderful minds of Ghadi and Oussama Rahbani. The visual production’s relentless razzle-dazzle and its anything-for-a-magic spirit also infuse the show with a sweet suggestion: If you can’t be yourself, just be fabulous. The show cleverly moves between the real world of faith and the world of Rahbani’s imagination.  So glad to see Beirut remains the one place for serious Arabic theater that inspires, entertains and profits.

Hiba Tawaji – Al Mahabba [Live at Cedars International Festival 2017] / المحبة

Hiba Tawaji – Min Elli Byekhtar / هبة طوجي – مين اللي بيختار

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