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The Random Viral Song From #Egypt That Got People Talking #Abu Ft. #Yousra

Here is to those indie artists who manage to get all the fame there is to have by sticking to their art and putting more heart into this music by worrying less about the business and more about their craft. I have just stumbled upon one of those rare voices, the diamond in the rough of sort and he also has the coolest name there is to have.

Abu is an Egyptian singer-songwriter and musician who has gained acclaim and viral views for his street slick writing and his work in the soft rock and acoustic genres. He only sings his lyrics and music, believing in the necessity of promoting social issues through his songs, and whoever doesn’t understand Egyptian still gets his upbeat vibe. Abu serves as an orginal voice from the old world that really has something to offer.

I like his easy breezy going style that feels authentic, something that might be from the islands of Caribbean or the streets of Latin America. Abu is smooth and for now he just teamed with a great and legendary actress Yousra. for years, Yousra has dabbled into singing, this time she actually builds a good case for a stand alone career in music. Abu’s song is used form this upcoming Egyptian movie about relationships. It’s a song filled with funk, beaches, and hip characters. Not to forget all the talented actors in the cast. Abu is doing something fresh here, it’s what many educated Egyptians long for, easy songs that does not try to impress us but rather inspire us with simplicity.  Along Yousra emerges and takes the vocal lead for few seconds channeling her inner Dalida. No doubt this is why the song hit it big with the internet and all of a sudden Egyptians have another lovely artist that gets his time under the sun.

3 Daqat – Abu Ft. Yousra ثلاث دقات – أبو و يسرا

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