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Published on November 8th, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Childish Rulers of the UAE Stoop To A New Low #قولوا_لقطر

The gang of three rogue states that are boycotting a small Arab nation has nothing to show for their five months of silly political moves, so they keep making new songs attacking and demeaning a fellow Arab country. They chose to pick on Qatar and pushed that nation into the arms of Iran and Turkey who stepped up to fill the voice and provide food and logistics needed by Qatar due to the blockade. The new song whose title is “Tell Qatar” was released from the same emirate that hosted a delegation of Israelis but continues to reject Qatari nationals and other Arabs. The “song” also skewers Iran, Turkey and A Palestinian thinker.

So the losing teams keep making songs that have nothing to do with art, but rather juvenile political pandering and schoolyard bullying. the latest band of half-baked artists who are not known for independent thinking all from the UAE and there are ten of them–only of them is considered big names and relevant in Arabic pop. Hussein Al Jassmi is that star. And what we know about him is he is the butt of every joke. Whenever he sings for a place it goes south, he did it to Iraq, Egypt, Paris, his soccer team Barcelona and so on. The other disappointment is Fayez Al Said will regret composing the music r this song. But I do know that neither of these artists are free to make their own choices and they have no will.

It’s a big shame that they chose to attack a fellow Arab country with fighting words and empty threats.  I am reminded of these stereotypical and comical mothers in-law fights. I guess when they are losing and their troops are being killed in numbers, they want to blame others for their own failures. I like both Qatar and the UAE just the same, but I do not like to see bullies. I recall not too long ago that this art form used to bring people together and build things. This particular song divides people, and tear one another and accomplish nothing.

In an update, the Voice has dropped the Emirate singer Ahlam from the show and replaced her with Nawal from Kuwait. Ahlam had suggested online that she longs for the day the art remains sophisticated and classy. that tweet was enough to throw a celebrated pop diva under the bus because she dares to state the obvious. I feel sorry for the artists as they will have everything to lose since the song will stick around, but the crisis will be resolved.

أغنية “قولوا لقطر” للشاعر الإماراتي علي الخوار، ألحان فايز السعيد

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