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Published on December 15th, 2017 | by hotarabic


@AdhamNabulsi, The One Singer Making Arabic Pop Great Again

This is the one music video and song that got me to write again, I do love writing about Arabic music, but this one simply I had to write about a song I loved by Adham Nabulsi who just had a big concert in Cyprus, few weeks after the release of the music video below. I loved this song when it was released three months ago, and the music video really adds a layer to the song and makes it pop and come to life once more.

Adham has been really releasing some of the best and most emotional pop songs in his short career since his prime time on the X Factor. Really, the Jordanian singer might be now more famous than the show that made his name. He did that be hard work, making perfect choices and being humble.For me, Adham is great because he really gives me a reason to look forward to his next song as I enjoy his latest hit and replay it over and over again. I like other pop stars and I look forward to their new releases but the guy who tends to never let me or his million os fans down is Adham. And his steak seems to be going well.

I think Adham keep making them hits and challenging himself further. He works with a good team who loves his talent and gives him the right material for his voice, his style, and his emotional complexity. Aside from his vocal acting, Adham even puts on a show of force that sure makes professional actors worry about their jobs. He produces his own work and looks so good doing it. Adham is unafraid to do whatever the part demands. These chords and muscles are so explosive in a golden way.  The level of vocal might, and transcend he reaches is just out of this world. The music video even brings out such emotional depth with the piano scene that shakes the viewer to the core.

Adham Nabulsi – Meshta2 [ Official Video ] / ادهم نابلسي – فيديوكليب مشتاق

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