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Published on December 29th, 2017 | by hotarabic


The electrifying @sandyofficial Attracts In “Magnetic”

Egyptian pop star is determined to be the peter pan of Arabic pop as in she never ages and keeps appealing to the youngsters with her music, style, and energy. She has been making music for almost ten years and her style and look have certainly evolved but not the essence of her art. Keeping that appeal to high school and college for as long as she has is something admirable. She seems to work along, do her projects all by herself along with like-minded talents.

I say this as she just released a cool music video for her latest pop hit “Magnetic” and it does feel like something you would watch on an American TV.  Sandy brings out her skateboard for this music video and her cool sneakers and hip-hop style. Those backup dancers live the part as these effects and graphics bring the song to life. This is such a busy music video with so many things coming at the viewer. It’s a work that shows her fondness for all things pop from around the world. Also, these Matrix glasses are something else.

This is a fun track for the young among her fans who will relate to their young diva. While the song is about magnetic attraction, Sandy is the real magnet in the Egyptian music industry. For this music video, she managed to partner with a famous maker of sports gear and with Glitch Production and the reputable Hany Mahrous. It’s tough to get attention or stand out in this ever depressing world of ours, but Sandy has shown to be a savvy self-promoter who lives the lifestyle she preaches.

Sandy – Magnetic (EXCLUSIVE Music Video) | (ساندي – مغناطيس (فيديو كليب حصري


Directed By: Hazem Kattana Cinematographer: Taimour Taimour Colorist: Ahmed Elsheshtawy Lyrics: Shady Noor Composer: Belal Srour Arranger: Hany Rabia Mix & Master: Hany Mahrous Animator: Diego Rodriguez Choreographer: Kareem Shreef Dance Crew: OV Crew (Original Vibes

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