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Published on December 18th, 2017 | by hotarabic


#JerusalemThePalestinianCapital And #MBS Can Suck It!

Here is a song I had to search for because I saw it on a short two-minute documentary about the legless Palestinian man who was murdered by Israel as he waves the Palestinian flag. I cried for this young man who has not seen a good day in his home because of Israeli’s blockade and bloodbath. The man inspired many Palestinians and their friends around the glove with his courage and his big heart. But what I loved about him is his will to live and fight to earn an income despite his disability. I have no clue who is the voice behind this song but I love his sincere emotion it’s a farewell letter from someone who knows he is not coming back. He/She promises to meet his loved one on the other side. It’s moving and it will shake your soul. It’s a Palestinian story about the disteny we have…we are all witnesses.

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