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Published on December 15th, 2017 | by hotarabic


The Never Ending Magic of @JadShwery Delivers For #HindAlBahraineya #Barra

For almost two decades Lebanese director, singer Jad Shwery has been making Arabic pop stars appealing to their fans and earning them new ones. Sure he has his different phases that worked at the time and garnered success, but the charming celebrity keeps on evolving in the right direction. He is a real music force in Arabia and has been shaping how we look at music videos and sometimes what we expect in a hit song. He knows the business, but also knows the visual game like few do, he does have his ears to the ground on what happens around the globe with pop. So he got the trends all figured out and in Lebanon, he sets his own trends.

This is actually one of the few times that Jad steps in front of the microphone, sing and direct along with another pop star. He does not stop there as he is giving that talented pop star (in this case, Hind) a complete image and style makeover.  He knows what makes cool and he executes it so well. Teaming up with Hind is not something many would have seen coming, but he made it work and created magic both for himself but also for Hind. I understand he directed her in a music video earlier this year, and now comes this new collaboration. They gave us a dance track that means different things to different people. He took a breakup song where the singer is kicking her man to the street and turned it into a festive affair in a way only he could pull it off.

In “Barra” this is a lovely set with so many elements that were put together and gave us a pop delight. Jad is rapping but also being funny in that Egyptian that we all love.  That Unicron sidekick is pretty random in a hilarious way.  This is an angry party song that offers both love and hate in one serving. The dance moves by Hin and Jad are pretty fresh and smooth. So much energy by Jad and so much glamour and sass by the capable Hind. Vocally and visually satisfying song that that does not take itself seriously is hard to come by, Jad just skillfully did it.

I am intrigued by Jad and his versatile profile. It shows that he is a great salesman with a lot of talent to share across the board. I hope he keeps elevating his game and enriching the Arab media with his work that gives folks a break from the dark world that’s all around.

Hind & Jad Shwery – Barra! [Official Music Video] (2017) / هند البحرينية و جاد شويري – برّا

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