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Published on January 2nd, 2018 | by hotarabic


Awkward! The Best Arab Actor is Actually A Singer @AdhamNabulsi

Adham Nabulsi can sing, entertain and get you in the zone like very few Arab vocalists can. The young talented star has been releasing steady hits for years and he is just carving out his own path in a very crowded and tired music scene. Adham found his own style and stuck to it and has not disappointed once and for that the fans loved him for it. They travel from Jordan and Lebanon to see him live in Cyprus. But they also flock to see him when he is on a concert because he does not just sing and live entertainment, he invites his listeners to live the experience with him. He facilitates that with his emotional performances that seem to come from a deep place within the tortured artist.

But this is actually more about his songs, I think his acting is pretty impressive. See these two music videos that tell his romantic story, the first plan plays as part one and the second is the follow-up. Adham is clearly unafraid of being intimate, cuddle rides a motorcycle and kicks some ass in style when the occasion calls for it. He is intense, enjoys life, easy going and be dramatic. I am really impressed by his believable acting skills. He is like the human swiss knife. He can multi-task and attract the viewer to be on his side.  He is the real deal and it seems he knows has his own production company that makes his music videos (and maybe movies) are worthy of his star power and talent. He seems like a natural actor and so natural singing. A talented Arab entertainer who goes along, and seems not to take life too seriously or himself for the matter. Not sure what the future will hold for Adham, but if the past three years are any indicator, we might be looking at a legend in the making.

There are many good Arab singer and Arab actors. There are few Arab singers who act and few actors who sing. But in my mind, no one takes both to the serious level that Adham does. So glad Adham competed on the X Factor and made all the right steps to become one of the coolest pop stars that can connect the young Arab music fans with more established fans. I like it that his music is universal this way.

Adham Nabulsi – Shedni Ghmorni [ Official Video ] / ادهم نابلسي – فيديوكليب شدني غمرني

Adham Nabulsi – Meshta2 [ Official Video ] / ادهم نابلسي – فيديوكليب مشتاق

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