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Published on January 31st, 2018 | by hotarabic


When Shahinaz Met Oussama! The Egyptian-Iraqi Match Made In Pop Heaven

Shahinaz is turning up the heat and leaving her comfort zone for something different. The verdict is in, it really worked whatever she was hoping to do, she delivered a wonderful hit of a different kind. Oussama Alhamadani crafted a great song and teaming up with the super talented Shahinaz benefits both artists as they both have gained a bigger fan base from this fresh collaboration. Not aware of any Egyptian singers doing Iraqi songs–Iraqis have been doing Egyptian songs for years though.

The vocal agreement in both these voices is impressive. I would not have seen this pairing but glad to see someone else did and it worked like magic with that Spanish guitar. Oussama breaks the song and leads the listener into a pop delight, then Shahinaz emerges and enriches the song with her warmth. They both sound like a real person in love, Shahinaz really challenges herself vocally and with this lovable Iraqi dialect. Oussama has that classy Arab man look that adds to her appeal.

These two artists gave us an early present for Valentine day, a song that travels well and pleases the Moroccan in the same way it excites the Khaleejis and Egyptians alike. This is a huge success in terms of sleeper hits. Shahinaz been in the business for a very long time and took a very long sabbatical only to return last year with big plans and surprises. So happy to have now considered myself a fan of Alhamdani who had plenty of name recognition in both the US among Iraqis and in Dubai. But for Egypt, it seems he has big plans!

Ya Weel – Oussama Alhamadani Ft. Shahinaz ياويل – أسامة الحمدانى شاهيناز

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