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Published on January 12th, 2018 | by hotarabic


Great Pop Stars Come From Algeria @Kenza_Morsli Is Exhibit A @LifeStylezst @FadiHaddadmedia

Kenza Morsli remains one of the coolest young voices in Arabic pop and she continues to search for good material and come back with something, fresh, exciting and worth the wait. From her Star Academy fame where she made a great name and built a huge fan base. This once she returns with a surprise sleeper hit also be her former collaborator Egyptian music composer Mohamed Rahim. She also teamed up with Lebanese director Fadi Haddad who remains one of the business directors in the history of the Arabic song. Fadi gave Kenza a new treatment that helped us see something we might have missed in the past. Kenza and her innocent romantic story among nature. A beautiful image for a lovely voice that sings in Egyptian as well as she does in Algerian.

This is an epic love story as the title of the son suggests “Queen Sheba” it’s a dreamy song that will please her fans and bewitched those who may not have been among her fan base. She simply looks stunning here without trying too hard or overdoing it. Fadi captured this expreince and Kenza seems comfrtable here. I applude all her fashion choices that really fit the locations and the song’s vibe. I hope this song offers the longivity previous songs of hers have seen. It’s that soft note and valevt like voice that offers the listrna  chance to slow down, relax and dream. Sort of a diseny image for the grownups.

Keeping is simple but elegant is a grat fromual for Kenza. The buzz leading up to the song has been wonderful and so glad the sogn just landed today to give this young starlet something to be happy about. While Arabia has been many great voices (Warda, Khalid, Massi, and others) that have shaped Arabic music throughout the years, Kenza offers a lot for those fellow Arabs who want something familiar from the lovely land of Alegria.

كنزة | ملكة سبأ |( Kenza | Maliket Saba ( Music Video

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