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Hit-Maker: The Captivating @Faiayounan Soars High!

The star of a different kind, the young Syrian dreamer Faia Younan found a golden song worthy of her voice to draw her to the recording studio. And boy that Mahdi Mansour wrote a near-perfect song. How could she not rush to the nearest recording studio and bring this song to life? A surprise timed with the arrival of the Spring a song about love for the grownups, love for those who dare to be strong enough. And Faia, you did just deliver yet another masterpiece in your career. It’s hard to express how great this song that she just released. It’s a song that has longevity, a song that can be indie but clear enough, accessible enough to be a viral hit. The clearly Arabic scales used by Yarub remind me of many other great composers who have come before us.

The music work of Rayan stands tall and brings back that old and missing Arabic music flavor. This is a complete song as it offers so much in one neat package that pleases the senses. Rayan did a stellar job arranging the music, Houssam put the finishing touches and wrapped this gift in such a way that makes it so special. None of this would be possible without the grace and the talent of Faia who surpassed herself in performing this song in all of her emotions. She must have some incredible romantic experiences to draw inspiration form that made this song the hit it has become.  It’s been a very long time since I met a romantic song that’s both deep and flawless. “Hob Al Aqwiaa” pulls all the stops and delight at every turn.  The first moment I played the song, I was like, I cannot and should not enjoy this song along, I must share it. And that’s what I did. Every single person, I shared this song with, were thankful I did. As they felt the love, the pride, the complexity, and the joy this song communicates.

aside from this being a great work of art, the song inspires women of Arabia not to compromise in love and settle. No one should give up themselves for the sake of love. Faia preaches and the message lands home with many young and old women who can relate.  It’s hard to learn that a guy actually wrote these moving words so well. But I am a guy and still enjoy this song in so many ways, so A for the creative and hard-working artists who still have hope and continue to give others the same thing during these dark times we are witnessing all around Arabia. It’s amazing to know that Faia three years ago may not have been a recognized name, but now she stands tall and perhaps compels other Arab artists to make better songs.

حب الأقوياء، فايا يونان Hob Al Aqwiaa [Official Video] Faia

Lyrics by: Mahdi Mansour
Composed by: Yarub Smarait
Arranged by: Rayan Al Habre
Music Producer: Houssam Abdul Khalek

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