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Published on March 30th, 2018 | by hotarabic


The Immortal @NancyAjram Remains on Top #WMaakVideo @Leila_Kanaan ‏

Very few artists can release a music video and call it an event, luckily, the hard-working Lebanese pop star Nancy Ajram still got it. Very few pop stars have shown the longevity and the sophistication of Ms. Ajram. For almost 16 years and Nancy remains the pop star to watch, the hit-maker that has yet to peak. And guess what, here comes a music video of hers that show her level of energy never and attraction wanes. No slowing down here or any time or in the near future. Nancy looks radiant and ready to maintain her immortal status as the ageless pop star who remains on top. See she transitioned into the internet and later into social media age so well. Nany held on to her fans and kept adding more.

I see as she released “W Maak” she is even attracting new fans, younger and older and those who are into subcultures. It kicks off with a chapter coming from the 60s and so many women are giving that bored look. The English sermon and all these characters all make sense later as Nancy dances the night away and sing like a bird.  I thought this was a good song that offers cuteness as it offers a big heart. The speedy beat fires up the dance floor.  There are too many elements in the music video, is that a roller blade derby? An indoor theme park? It does not matter, you even get a bowling alley. Nancy shows off some skin and challenge is accepted.

Seriously, it does not matter, this is a great song and Nancy just wrapped this song in a delightful music video.  I am sure her old fans would appreciate not seeing themselves age through Nancy. Proud to see Nancy working with a woman director on this collaboration. Leila Kanaan gets women artists, she manages to combine the sexy and graceful in a way that no male director has shown us.  Of course, Nancy made so many great music videos and knows the game too well. We have met so many pop stars in these years, Nancy is one of the few ones that remain relevant and enjoy the momentum and the talent.

Nancy Ajram – W Maak official Music Video نانسي عجرم – ومعاك

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