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Published on July 27th, 2018 | by hotarabic


Wow, The Unparalleled @amrdiab Lands A Knockout! @AymanBahgatamar @NayForMedia

Amr Diab is a legend of Arabic pop music and he remains the hottest ticket in town decades after he launched his career. The matchless Egyptian singer remains a serious force in Arabic music and he just released a hint of what his upcoming album will feel like. I doubt any other pop star can release an album and move the market like Amr Diab. they can try but they will never compare to the number one artists in the MENA region. Amr Diab is perhaps the only voice that three generations of the same families follow and celebrate. So many memories his songs have and so many stories he told us throughout his long and thriving career.

Teaming up with the ingenious and cross-talented Ayman Bahgat Amar is always a good idea. Here’s a hit that they just made together and a song that gives you so much joy in its inventive lyrics and fresh. It feels exciting and certainly away from all the old and tired themes. Amr makes the hits for sure, but his A team makes the difference. In the song, Amr sounds sweet and desperate for good advise. I am sure so many jealous voices are sitting in the dark envying his success. It does not hurt to have the capable hands of composer Mohammed Yehia add his golden touches.

This is the kind of new music that we need, you can tell if a song is a great song within the first 20 seconds, but to make one hit with this longevity it may take months. So much for an ageless rock star who is unafraid to take off his shirt, show some skin and throw some shades on his doubters. And not to neglect his dominant tattoos.  It’s a moment of pride of Egyptian artists to still push back and dominate the music market as their peers in the Maghreb and in Lebanon are gunning for dominance. So there you have it party this summer to a sweet song that rocks you inside out. This is only one song from an upcoming album and from the looks of it, we cannot wait to experience the rest.

عمرو دياب ده لو اتساب كامله من فودافون – 2018

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