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Published on July 20th, 2018 | by hotarabic


The Inventive Pop Star @tamerhosny Lands Another Fun Summer Hit

You can never write off Tamer Hosny, like an ever. The Energetic pop star who hit it big more than a decade and a half ago is still making better music with every release. The Egyptian hit-maker sstrikesyet again in a fun and a different song like he has never made before. I wonder how he keeps coming with great ideas and injecting more enrgy in his career and enriching our summer.

The song starts serious with a slow Mawal, it feels like a serious track. Then the party kicks off with changing gears and Tamer Hosny shows once again he is the true showman we have known him to be. While he may not be making movies, he still has what it takes. Well-done Tamer,  he has shown that he keeps growing as an interest and even the haters are back in his fan base with “Eish Bosho’ak” It’s a hilarious song for the broke. It’s a song about attitude and outlook on life.

Enjoy your summer because Tamer Hosny will be with you at every moment you feel like dancing to a fun, fast-paced song that brings out the party. Even his music video shows that he is comfortable with loose sets.

‎تامر حسني – عيش بشوقك – ڤيديو كليب ٢٠١٨ / Tamer Hosny – 3eesh Besho2ak – Music Video

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