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Meet @BasharMusic As His Breakout Song For The Misfits Is A Hit #ShilletHamal

Palestinian Singer-Songwriter Bashar Murad just showed me that creativity and positive energy can exist anywhere. Even in a small place like East Jerusalem! It’s an understatement to say I was blown away by his latest crazy, funky and hilarious track about the misfits and deplorable. Bashar and his crew took on a West Bank city to film their music video about a gang of rejects who feel out of place. There are far too many lost misfits who do not find their place in society. Bashar captured this mode and gave an amazing vocal performance. He did not disappoint visually when they filmed in Nablus, Palestine.

Such a cool song with an indie spirit that feels like a gypsy gang caught in a bad place. Seriously, these guys with a small budget have managed to do with a big budget company wishes can create. I like it and celebrate this feast. Bashar also directed this work which speaks of the size of his talent and ambitions. I have meant many individuals in the US and in the Middle East whose story is captured in the song. Great job to the team behind the song, it gives me much pride to see how wonderful everything fits together and to know that Palestiains created this, I am speechless.

The lyrics are Palestinians to my ear, but they will also feel Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian and Iraqi to your ears! While some may find the song unconventional in the sense it uses a vulgar word “Hamal” but it does this in a fun way and not threatening manner. It also throws away the text of all these soft Arabic hits, be bold and do something different.

Bashar Murad – Shillet Hamal بشار مراد – شلة همل (Bunch of Bums)

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