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Wonder Boy of Egyptian Pop @SamoZaen Is Ready For Another Summer Album #SamoZaen

Samo Zaen is back and he has never sounded this good before. The Syrian native who made a home for himself in Egypt where the stars in movies, release albums and produces all kinds of projects is back this summer with a really fun, sweet and fast paced track for a one-way ticket to fun town. Summer is alive and well in this song, with the lake, shorts, convertible car, and lush green. I was excited about this song and I was so happy it was worth it. The song is pretty awesome and inspires the party mode.

Samo Zane delivered a fun summer camp song and his vocals star, he is a big talent and only gets better with time, just like a fine wine. The lyrics are romantic and intoxicating, the music is lively and upbeat. And the new look and hairstyle serve Samo Zaen well. I am sure we are due for a new album by Samo Zen which should be landing any minute soon. I would have done the music video differently. See if, from the girl’s vantage point, a stranger chases her in the woods and take pictures of her. This is not romantic but rather a plot for a horror film. Still, the song is great on its merits and will be a happy summer song that’s fun to play in the car.

More than 15 years ago Samo Zaen became a household name and today he remains one of the most recognizable names in pop music.

Samo Zaen – Awl Matebtesmely | Exclusive Music Video | 2018 | سامو زين – اول ماتبتسميلى

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