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Abdel Fattah El-Sisi Hates This Song And Jailed Its Writer @RamyEssam

Ramy Essam is one crazy son of a bitch kind of rock star. The indie Egyptian singer and activist has made a big name for himself more than seven years ago. But this guy did something insane this year, he got under the skin of the Egyptian regime. To make Ramy’s point, the regime has shown to be vindictive and abusive as since the release of the song the lyricists who wrote the song has been serving jail time. (Read letter). Not a joke, Galal El-Behairy has been tortured and now sits in a dark cell.


You may ask why the song does not mention the president, but it does use the humorous name activists have used to describe the president (Balaha) as in a dried fruit-date. This is a satirical song that went viral and it pissed off the entire regime. The singer has done similar songs and massages before but he is outside of Egypt, so he is in relative safety.  This is a really wacky song that Ramy brings to life and it appears he is having fun rocking it and taunting the president. Its lyrics are bold, real and speak for the generation.

Ramy delivers a knock out to the regime who lost their shit over a song, imagine how they would react to something more serious! The song was released in February and the poet was detained at the airport then. He remains in jail so much for freedom of speech. As for Ramy he is doing a great job keeping the dreams and aspirations of his generation alive despite the cruel conditions Egypt is seeing. Rock out to a song that will humor you while it makes you weep as the state of the world!

Ramy Essam – Balaha | رامى عصام – بلحه

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