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Elissa Reveals She Had Breast Cancer In A New Music Video!

Elissa for the first time gets personal and gives intimate details about her life. To some critics,  she can be viewed “robotic” as she gives that impression, Elissa threw a hand grenade in Arabic pop music by sharing she had breast cancer. This is as personal as it gets, and a step in the right direction as Elissa used it to give her career a boost but also to help spread awareness about the diseases that face so many women. I like it when she is now taking a stand and telling the world that she is vulnerable and not that strong and selfish being they see. She has turned herself into a humanitarian overnight and has given support to so many other women.

I like it, Elissa, she is getting personal about her childhood and her experience with cancer. She thanks those who stayed by her side and cheered her on. To her fans, she sends love and to her loved him she loves them back. She is even getting to share with us the show side of her. All the past times, she did romance stories and behaving. Now, she reveals her showmanship on a stage. She is even going the distance and telling other women to be bold and go to detect breast cancer. I think this is the right call and this is one way Elissa is giving back.

She is even linking the video to other real footage like the time when she collapsed on stage in Dubai due to her struggle with cancer. Then comes the happy moment, she beat it good. Life is back in full swing and Elissa is back on stage. I am sure the people who attacked her since December 2017, are now feeling awful. Also, let’s take a minute and celebrate the female director who really gets Elissa, Angy Jammal told the story so well and with such grace and emotions. It’s not easy to direct a star like Elissa, but Angy knows how to capture those moments and tell a story with her masterful craft. I hope to see more music video treatments by Angy!

Elissa and her team just pulled an upset that allowed millions to view her differently and judging by social media’s reaction, she has accomplished her mission.

Elissa … Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni – Video Clip 2018 | إليسا … إلى كل اللي بيحبوني – فيديو كليب

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