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Published on August 16th, 2018 | by hotarabic


The Nutty Arabic Music Video Arrives #entiaykalam #tameemyouness @tameemyouness

Tameem Youness seems like one hell of a crazy guy, but this crazy funny dude just went viral and confused everyone who follows Arabic music. How he did it, you may ask? He released a song with only four words and it lasts for four minutes. While you watch the music video, you see so many off the wall characters popping on the screen doing wacky things. The funny thing, Tameem is not even a singer nor is he trying to tell us he is. He is making a joke of Arabic music and having fun with his many pals.

This is an entertaining thing that a song so simple, a guy tells his lady, she is not for real as in she is not the real deal. And he says nothing else, but keeps saying the same line. And people come along for the dance party and the selfies.  The music is so upbeat and so awesome, it feels like a real party from a not so distant era. I like this work because it gives young people a platform to vent and give us something amazing.

Tameem Youness – Enti ay kalam | انتي اي كلام – تميم يونس – είσαι ένα τίποτα

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