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Published on August 13th, 2018 | by hotarabic


Heartthrob Pop Sensation @HadiAswad Delivers A Throwback Hit

Hadi Aswad found his way back to the top of pop gold with a love song that’s sweet, romantic and upbeat. But he also stood out with a funky, awesome and trending music video. From his home Lebanon, all the way from his motherland, Syria the gifted singer goes all the way back to the 80s in a retro set and a funny music video that works so well. It’s about the change of melodies in Arabic music. Dressed in all black and firing up the song to which the audience wakes up, and gets happy feet.

This is a love song with a big heart and words so sweet that you feel Hadi is a big of heartbreaker with his charming look and smile. The music video shows Hadi’s fun side where he having fun and letting the viewer have fun too.  The retro set is pretty cool, but Hadi brings the audience back to life after they were put to sleep but an amazing singer out of this time era. With his voice and charm, the ladies and the dudes go wild.

Vocal speaking, Hadi is a master of his craft, now he is going for the cool guy who can dance and be fun despite his knack for the more somber song. This is the time, Hadi showed off his flirty side where he can also party. Bravo! Hadi never took his rightful place in the Arabic pop music map, but that does not stop him from always becoming a better singer and always doing new things that keep him on top where he bleongs.

Hadi Aswad – Ya Kel El Omer [Music Video] 2018 //هادي أسود – يا كل العمر

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