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Published on August 28th, 2018 | by hotarabic


With The Release Of “Higher”@Reemmusic Soars!

Wow, Reem, all the way from the magical land of Detriot Michigan is ready for prime time! A young and so gifted Arab-American who grew up soaking in the great music scene of Detriot is celebrating the release of her latest hit “Higher”. I love how listening to this song I feel things and connect with Reem as she really takes it to the next level and reaching deep into her soul for this masterpiece. I wish to see a collaboration between Reem and other singers both in the US and in the Middle East. But her talent and aspirations are really bigger than these two places as her voice and her music are universal in every sense.

I like it and wish to hear more from Reem and her dream team! Reem discoured herself by doing amazing covers of pop songs, now comes the chance for her to show off and stand on her own feet, something “Higher” delivers on. This is the kind of songs that people from all backgrounds and tastes will appreciate because the song really easy on the ear and lands close to the heart. And Reem challenges herself to channel her very best through this song and adds a new deimination as she pursues singing professionally.

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