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Published on August 3rd, 2018 | by hotarabic


“Superman” Confirms It @SamiraSaid Is The Coolest Singer

Moroccan hit-maker Samira Said was making awesome music before Moroccan music was a thing. The voice that brought us the most celebrated romance and blues songs in the 80s, the voice that brought us wonderful dance hits in the 00s, is the same force that is given us this summer os 2018 what might be the coolest pop song. Samira Said continues to defy age and common sense by showing that you can indeed be a cool hitmaker and earn new fans if you keep on evolving. Evolving comes easily to Samira who has a great head over her shoulders and is upbeat, engaged and funny as they come.

“Superman” is her latest title song with a new album under Rotana, the song takes married guys to task when they change form being romantic into something else. Samira does not pull any punches and delivers one blow after another. You used to be athletic, now you have a beer belly. You used to take care of your hair, now it’s all messy–not in a fun way. This a mocking song for the guys who are awesome before they get the girl, and suck right after it. It’s real people change, but one cannot let themselves go

This is a really surprising performance for a talented and seasoned pop star. The song’s middle makes the perfect dance party companion. It’s sweet, funny and rocking. Samira found a great way to show off that she remains as relevant in pop music as she has been for more than four decades. Guys, get the message, shape up or Samira Said will kick you around the mock you!

Samira Said … Superman – Lyrics Video | سميرة سعيد … سوبرمان – بالكلمات

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