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Tamer Hosny, Diab, Mostafa Hagag And Ahmed Shiba In An Epic All-Egyptian Song

I may have only liked a couple of songs from the latest album by Egyptian hit-maker, Tamer Hosny. One of the songs I really like is a party song, Egyptian street style, otherwise known as “Sha’abi” music. Three of Egypt’s own pop singers joined Tamer Hosny for this joint. And to be frank, it’s an odd match that made it so magical. Vocally each of these artists brings something fresh and something new. I love the fact that these artists all found a good way to work together despite all the egos and the politics of music production business. Tamer is certainly a big force in Arabic pop and very few people can rival his marketing and promotion powerhouse.

Diab kicks off the song with his Mawal and he sounds the best he has been. He is one of those under-rated pop stars. Ahmed Shiba is having a good streak and his craft gets better as he is also getting a cooler reception.  Mostafa Hagag is the rocket among them and the newest addition to the rich Egyptian song scene. But he has shown to be a talented vocalist and an amazing showman.  This is a happy song that has a message for those two-faced people. Keep your friends closer sort of types. Then Tamer Hosny picks it up and it appears he is having fun with his new best friends. It seems the artists are happy to be there. It’s like a street fight that ends on a tie.  This is a welcome addition and I hope it helps the Egyptian song be the cool thing it was in the 80s and the 90s. This is the joining of forces that made the Morrocan song so much more superior.  The song is about fake people and empty friendships that do not stand the test of time.

I wish they had Bosy there along with them on the stage, she can hold her ground and enrich the track. Four guys are certainly awesome, but a female voice would appeal to a bigger group.  Other things to know about this, is that Tamer Hosny helped write the lyrics and the music for this song along with two other talented. His business manager, Hossam Hosny directed him and the team.

100 wesh – Music Video 4K / كليب ١٠٠ وش – تامر حسني ، احمد شيبا ، دياب ، مصطفي حجاج

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