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Published on September 20th, 2018 | by hotarabic


Ahmed Mekky’s Song About His Son BREAKS The Internet @Mekkystyle

Cross-talented actor and rapper Ahmed Mekky just released an amazing song meant to be a letter to his son. He really excelled in this performance here and outshined many who tried to tackle the subject. Ahmed delivered one incredible song with such passion and force that one hears the song and feels it in their heart of heart. Tackling a social issue in a song is a trendy thing to do but it’s not real it often feels flat. Not this song by Ahmed. I like it when artists take a fresh look and deliver something so heartfelt and so original.

He is so good at sharing his love for his son and he communicates the excitement of one’s child. He captures it so well and he is looking fly doing it. It’s a great track for even those who do not like rap, it captures their attention and impresses them to stick around. This song is about love, about parenting and prayer. Ahmed gives his son advise for life and tells him to be a fighter and to be kind to people. Do not do harm, and stick to your guns. So much wisdom and love all at once but the song also has some real moments about father’s insecurities about their children and if they will be paying attention to them in their old age. He reminds his son that if his old man becomes weak, forgetful and not in touch with technologies, to be patient with him.

Ahmed Mekky reveals his vulnerabilities and shows off his pride in his son, the mic drop moment is so powerful. It shows everything about parenting and a little bit about Mekky who also directed himself and wrote the lyrics. We may not see him in many movies anymore but we can still see how awesome he remains and how versatile his talents are. Something noticed by so many fans and fellow artists who celebrated the song and its artists online (see here). So in few hours, the song has surpassed 3.5 million views and we are still counting.

Another thing this song offers is a very loud response to half basked rappers who think they have made it big. Ahmed delivers a class act song and shows them how to do it right. It’s not about how cool you are, how much money you make, it’s about keeping it real and Ahmed delivers this answer and loud and clear that good art will take you far.


Ahmed Mekky , Aghla Men Al Yaqout – أحمد مكى , أغلى من الياقوت , حصريا

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