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Published on September 25th, 2018 | by hotarabic


With #MabroukLaAlbi @CAROLE_SAMAHA proves she’s still got it @AssafSalim

There are many great vocalists in the Arab world, so many great voices that delivered amazing performances. Now add the popularity filter and you will have fewer on this list. Great voices cannot be easily sold, in fact, it takes charisma and dedication to establish one’s brand. One name stands tall in this great vocalist group that is popular and doing amazing songs, Carol Samaha leads that group.

Carol is consistently good, she is smart, she is cultured and she has what it takes to be one of the top names in the Arabic song. She has sone all styles and each time she finds something about her that we love again. It’s like she invites us to rediscover her with each new release. She owned this week and she broke the internet in Arabia and corners around the globe with her hit song “Mabrook La Qalby”. ana amazing song that blends Tarab and pop music, dancey too, but also classy. A song that tackles a serious story about pops relationship depression and the destruction exes leave behind.

I cannot think of any other pop star doing a finer job than Carol here, she lives, breathes the song and challenges her acting to embody the song. She is able to work with young directors who admire her and know the kind of A-rated star she is. It does help that the charming Salim Assaf wrote the composed this great song about life and triumph and defeat. It’s a song that empowers people to survive the rough patches. Contemplating suicide is something too real in the wake of a breakup. The song is about survival and self-respect, the music video is about these things but also suicide prevention. There is a is of revenge in there, but just a little, just like the music video’s dramatic moments, they are painful but they end by victory if a strong will existed.

The song has highs and lows, it keeps being interesting as it has different bits, and Carol brings is all together brilliantly.

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