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Published on October 10th, 2018 | by hotarabic


The Welcome and Celebrated Return of @sherine is HERE! #Nassay

Sherine is on a roll and I like it. The celebrated and best-selling Egyptian pop star makes a forceful return to the Arabic music scene and with it, she brings something new, something fresh and something reinvigorating. We have been promised an album since 2015 and now comes the album and it feels good to have Sherine back with so much flare and a certain new look that gives her youth, energy and an edge.

The now married pop star and mother of two are out to show that yes, you can be a rock star and in love and have a family on top of your thriving career. She really did it and am sure it’s not easy, though she certainly makes it look fun. “Nassay” as in forgetful or absent-minded is her lead hit and also the title of her comeback album. This lover of hers just keeps on forgetting and not delivering on his promises so Sherine is asking the masses about her woes. I love the Latin beat and Sherine goes the distance for this music video to show that she is still the same great pop star we met almost two decades ago.

She is full of energy and excitement and it feels like she is in love agian. I like that love is the secret sauce for her newfound center. She sports many fresh looks and her lovable personality comes through.  Sherine has one of the best female vocals in the business, and those vocals are only the vehicle that carries her magical emotions. Now she adds another layer of cool to her thick resume. Welcome back Sherine, we all have missed you.

Sherine – Nassay | شيرين – نساي

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