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Mr. Nice Guy Mohammad Fouad Interview On The Go

Mr. nice guy of Egyptian pop, the dude who is all real and the guy who has always connected with the fans. Visited with X Factor and performed there, he literary brought down the house and showed how to do it all ...

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Ammar Finds His Animated Wife

Ammar is in love but he is not letting go for that Egyptian sense of humor even as he draws up dreams for his future partner. I like that he turned up his songs and dreams into a cartoon that ...

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“4G” The Box-Office Movie Champ’s New Song

Young people of Egypt like a different movie and it’s pretty funny. About four high school buddies who are unafraid to rock the boat. An Egyptian movie with three actors who are acting for the first time , one of ...

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Angham Sings Lebanese Very Well!

Angham is a special kind of star in the sense that she does not have to earn her attention or earn her paycheck anymore. she is a big name because she did release some good songs and she has been ...

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Amr Tantawy, The Golden Egyptian Guitar Touch

Say, if this biggest pop star in the Middle East Amr Diab needed to have the finest guitarist in the area, whom would he call? Amr Tantawy would be the guy whose phone will ring because Amr Diab would be calling him first. He ...

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The New Pop Album By @MousaOfficial Does It For Me!

Egyptian Mousa (Moses of Egypt) is a new voice in Egyptian pop and he seems like a hard working modest singer who is trying to find his spot under the sun. I respect young artists  who go the distance work hard ...

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