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The Hottest Composer In Town Is Also A Lady Rock Star! @AlAneaN

Al Anean composes beautiful songs and takes these beautiful songs and turn them into masterpieces by adding her voice, her charm and emotions on them. She is the drop dead gorgeous Kuwait musician whose confidence is only matched by her ...

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Diva Shatha Hassoun In Yet Another Khaleeji Album @ShathaHassoun

Shatha Hassoun wants to be a big name in three different regions/countries all at once. She wants to be hip in Lebanon (where she got her first big break), she wants to get paid in Dubai (she works and lives ...

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Arab Idol Mervat Wagdy And A New “Bent El-Balad” Album @MervatWagdy1

Born in Iraq to an Egyptian father and and Iraqi mother, came Mervat Wagdi, a graduate of Egypt’s high institute for Music. The former contender on Arab Idol is out with anew album that shows off her pop persona and ...

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Samira Said And Her Three Main Age Demographics

“Ayaza Aish” or I want to live is the title of this album. Which can be understood that Samira Said wants to survive the pop fads and the million pop stars around her. It could also be taken to mean ...

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Five Singers Wrote Songs For Angham’s New Album

When you are a name folks respect, you have your work cut for you. Angham reelased her best album to date and it was released with Rotana. I am impressed by each track on it. I am like a new ...

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The Much Anticipated Angham Album Arrives @Angham “Innocent Dreams”

  Rotana is banking on Angham, she would be the biggest female pop star on their label–at least from Egypt. Angham is an artist who predates the music video craze and the whole pop thing. Sure she was a little ...

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