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Samih Coukeir Takes His Freedom Songs To Paris

Syrian singer who wrote the first song that put the Bashar force into shame for their practices in Syrian cities like Daraa. This is Samih Choukeir, and his music were the guest of Paris. In the early 90s, Samih settled ...

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Enrico Macias, Israeli Arab Jew Algerian Musician

It’s now official, the people of Algeria love the music of this native song, Enrico Macias, they welcome his music, but refuse the man himself. That’s the real life story of singer Gaston Ghrenassia, also known as Enrico Macias. Born ...

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Amr Tag’s Song For The Egyptain Eye Sniper

Amr Tag found something that moved him and got him to perform a song about the eye sniper, the guy who was aiming at Egyptian demonstrators eyes. One of his lower ranking officers commended him on his skill–the bullet his ...

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Nadia Bosta Takes Her Clothes Off For Now

Tunisian Actress Nadia Bosta (Bostat, Bostah) is making waves this time of the month for posing semi nude to make a point. She has stated that she is cool with using the body as billboard to make statements. She is ...

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El Général, Hip Hop, and the Tunisian Revolution

Hi there, Hot Arabic Music readers. I go by the name of Ulysses (@ArabRevRap on Twitter) and I’m studying Arabic and Middle East studies. I have started a blog,revolutionaryarabrap.blogspot.com/, to translate and analyze Arabic hip hop, help people improve their ...

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