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Qaddafi Goes Viral W Zenga Zanga

So he is a made man, but many mad men have gone viral and this colorful lunatic Libyan dictator has been a master of one line zingers and funny quotes that Arabs and African shave come to expect form him. ...

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Tamer Hosny And Muammar Gaddafi

Those are real pictures, no photoshop or editing… We all saw him cry for being expelled for the Tahrir Square, that he did and felt bad, he is no longer the star of the generation and he seems to be ...

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Apologize To Mubarak Or Else

Few days ago someone felt Bad for Mubarak and started a Facebook page apologizing to the former dictator for the way he left office. It’s a ridiculous idea by all means to apologize to the man who would only listen ...

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Nader Abu El Leef Insists on Sucking

Ok, his music does not suck, he is a resourceful singer who sings in his own voice and tell stories that no on else dare, he sangs about paying the rent, and smoking, being unemployed, and Facebook kids. The Egyptian ...

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OK, Tamer Hosny We Get It! You Cried For It

Some picture of what once the biggest pop star in Egypt who totaly missed the boat on the protest, and has tried to stop the change form happing. Since then he cried and people laughed at his attempt to become ...

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Laugh With Egypt’s Minister of Interior

The Minister of Interior any any country is a powerful figure, in most developing countries the minister is the scariest person who tends to abuse his/ her powers and the regime will look the other way. That’s becasue the minister ...

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