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The 1st Movie to Cash In the Egyptian Revolution

They always made movies about corruption in Egypt, just about all their movies bring up the subject to a certain degree. But then there was the first movie to have been produced and shot all before the revolution that brings ...

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The First 10 Million is the Hardest

When Nancy Ajram released her 7th album, it was meant to be big, but it was not just big it was HUGE! The artist that sold more than 30 million records, making her the best selling Arab singer in modern ...

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The Moroccan Ladies Who Rock Arabic Music

My list of who is who in Moroccan stars who have made it big and have contributed a number of hits for Arabic music. Morocco already has one of the most beautiful landscape in the region, magical costumes and dazzling ...

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The 70s Arabic Epic Revolution Song

With all those songs we have been hearing the last few weeks about how awesome these young Arab men who took to the streets to bring about change and get rid of the old guard and its corruption riddled regime. ...

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And Everyone Loves Egypt Now

What’s missing form those nice songs about Egypt are the songs by female voices, I have yet to see new love song for Egypt covered by a female voice. You get zilch, nothing. Why that is? All the love songs ...

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Hot Arabic Music On NPR Listen

Songs of the Egyptian Revolution….also here is the link to the story we collaborated on. Hot Arabic Music was on NPR All Things considered on February 11th, 2011 @ 5:30 Eastern Time to talk about the political songs coming form ...

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