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Maryam Fakhri Team up with Mohammad Qudeer

Jordanian stars are rare, Jordanian stars working together is a novelty. That’s what you get when Jordanian Maryam Fakhri and Mohammad Qudeer release this duet as part of Maryam’s latest album released with High Mix, an Arab company getting into ...

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Dolly Shahin Goes up Few Notches

Dolly Shahine is an interesting Arab Starlet, more than a year ago, I wrote a piece about her being a weird Arab star (Read Here) and when her album came out a month ago, I was not racing to give ...

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The Gulf Was Never Out, It’s Huge Now

3 Generations of A list Gulf music figures collaborate to bring this song to life. Poetry comes natural to the Arabic people of the Gulf region. The charming voice of Abu Baker Salim, the exciting and strong voice of Rashd ...

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Wael Makes Soft SO Manly

HE is BACK! here’s how orignanilty sounds like, the one sound that unites all the ladies of Arabia is the voice of Wael Kfoury in Ma Ederet…..Enjoy. One word “Fantastic” The man with a plan, your sidekick in every romantic ...

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