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Why Do I Still Listen to Arabic Music?

لماذا ما زلت إستمع للاغاني العربية؟ I have gotten into American, British and Latin music, and I have enjoyed them all. I like the passion of the Latin music, I like the beautiful verses British music has, I love the ...

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Rolla Saad on the Rebound

Despite all her trouble with the Egyptian music bosses, she just got a sweet marketing deal with the global skin company L’Oreal. Rolla Saad was in Dubai for a conference with the company and there she spoke about the recent ...

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Warda Will Win You Over in 2011

Warda came from Algeria to Egypt where she able to take her gift of a sweet voice into new territories. Among her fans are kings, presidents, politicians, army generals ministers and the common man. She is the diva that your ...

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Elissa Channel in Spanish

Elissa has thousands od dedicated fans in the Middle East and that is not new, she has been building this fan base since 2000 when she first emerged to the light. One of her best fans do not even live ...

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Bee Gees Sell Big in Lebanon

Bee Gees were once popular in the 60s and 70s the trio of brothers sold many records when they were into soft rock, and later disco I do not hear much about anymore in the Western Media, but it seems ...

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